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Knight and Friends

Happy Valentine's Day!! We need your heart and TLC. Kittens season has begun, and these 4 need a willing and able foster home. They get spayed/neutered this week and should be ready for adoption after ~6 weeks. If you'd be interested in fostering them or others, please complete and submit out online Volunteer Application. Knight, Majesty, Monarch and Jester hope you do! 

Guess who was discharged!? Tiana's pelvis is healing; the left side more so than the right. She's able to be weaned off her medication and is wrap-free but under strict cage rest. Tiana will have a recheck in 2 weeks. We appreciate your support for her.










Tianna Follow Up

Here is Tianna all bandaged and wrapped up.  South Shore Veterinary Hospital in Forest Lake is taking good care of her. Everything is going well so far and it should be status quo for a while, with bandage changes, etc. Thank you for your continued support for her.












Mr. Mike and FriendsHaving fun in the storage room -- Mr. Mike, Mr. Max, Miss Midge, Miss Carmel,THING 1 and THING  2 with their foster dog. Mr. Mike, Miss Midge and Miss Carmel are now at PetSmart Forest Lake. Mr. Max, the social buddy, stayed back to help THING 1 and THING 2 with their people skills. Read more about them on our website to make your match.




Tianna Update  (See our earlier post for her troubling story.)

Tianna doesn’t need surgery, or more accurately, cannot have surgery. They can’t fuse her pelvis at the growth plates due to her being a kitten, and she wouldn’t grow right which would cause issues. She will be hospitalized for a week for intricate bandage changes that they got instructions on how to do from a specialist. The hope is that the bones can stay in place long enough to heal appropriately for her overall well-being. She is eating great and urinating normally. Her left eye is intact and should be okay. It looks rough and swollen because her face is bruised and her eye has road rash around it. Someone asked if you could make a donation directly to southshoreveterinaryhospital and have it applied to our account. Absolutely! Thank you for the prayers and contributions to Tianna. We’ll keep you posted.








Smoke and Ashe

Smoke & Ashe (black) were found together as strays. Ashe is a playful, curious kitten, and Smoke is a sweet, young girl. Both are good with kids, other cats

and dogs and would make wonderful additions to any family. Come meet them tomorrow at Adoption Day (11-2), PetSmart Forest Lake.


Pauly, Bizkit & Oreo will be at Adoption Day on Saturday, January 27  (11:00 - 2:00), at the Forest Lake PetSmart. Lots of kitty paw cuteness with this bunch. Two of the kittens have extra toes! Go to "Available Animals" on our website to see all the kitty options and submit your adoption application.

For any adoption on Saturday, you will need an approved application on file. See you then!

Baby Tiana

A good Samaritan saw this little kitten struggling in the middle of the road, rescued her and reached out for assistance. SFAAR has taken her in, and Tianna is being cared for at South Shore Veterinary Hospital in Forest Lake. She was sedated for full-body x-rays and had bloodwork done. Little Tiana  has a ripped lip, road rash and bruising on one eye. She also suffers from a broken tail and pelvis.  The veterinarian said these are the same types of injuries she sees with animals who have been thrown out of a moving vehicle.

Tianna's lip was was repaired under anesthesia and her broken tail was amputated. She needs a consult with a specialist to see if treatment for her broken pelvis will be cage rest or if surgery will be required to repair it as it's broken at the growth plates. Tianna will need extensive care. 

We appreciate any amount of donation to help support her. Thank you to South Shore Veterinary Hospital for seeing her so promptly and caring for her.


South Shore Veterinary Hospital

Thank you to South Shore Veterinary Hospital for hosting a Giving Tree and for having SFAAR as a recipient. Thank you to all of the people who contributed. We and our kitties appreciate your generous gifts.

Recent Adoptions!

Congratulations to Alaya, Amara, Carmel, Cheetos, Chester, Ellanor, Jia, Mr. Kitty, Oriana, Rockie, Skully, Spaetzel & Strudel, Sylvester and Tweety who were adopted recently and made it home for the holidays! We wish all the best to you and your families. Visit our website to make a match of your own.



  Farewell Sweet Maximus

If you are on our mailing list, you received our holiday fundraising newsletter. In it, we shared information about a sweet cat named Maximus.

While we were optimistic and in the fight with him to regain his health, his poor body finally gave up. Maximus was taken to the vet because he came down with an unexplained fever. However, due to his many health issues including his enucleation, FIP, and extensive dental problems, he could no longer fight off the FIV infection that was diagnosed by the vet. 

He sadly lost his battle while he was hospitalized. Thank you for being “a light of hope" for him while he was with us. 

He will be greatly missed by all us here at St. Francis.  







Rainbow Bridge

We had to say goodbye to three other rescue cats around the same time as Maximus's passing. Silverbell, who was microchipped, was abandoned at 15 years old when her people moved, leaving her behind. While she was back with us, she became ill and was hospitalized. The veterinarian diagnosed lymphoma and acid reflux. Silverbell was in foster hospice for a month before her body gave up.

Senior cat, Frieda, was diagnosed with blood cancer and became a hospice foster. Her health rapidly declined over a month and sadly she had to be humanely euthanized to stop her suffering.

Then Elwood, who had fought through so much, succumbed to kidney and liver failure just after Silverbell, Frieda and Maximus passed.

Their time with us mattered. They were wonderful cats who were loved and cared for until their time to cross the Rainbow Bridge came. We appreciate all of your support and for being a light of hope for them and others. 



Bugs (orange tabby who was adopted by his foster family) wanted you to know that his 3 siblings -- Elmer Fudd, Petunia, Porky -- are all delightful kittens with great personalities! They love to run around and play with cardboard boxes, sparkly balls, and anything on a rope. Even though they can be wary of new people, with an extra day or two of getting to know you, they warm right up and will let you know when it is time to cuddle. Read more about them on our website to see which one would brighten your heart and home. 

Thank you Chuck & Don's

As the year winds down, we want to recognize one of our St. Francis Saints -- Chuck and Don's! Once ready for adoption, many of our cats need a place to go to help them make that final, all-important step — finding their forever family.

A huge shout out and much thanks to Chuck and Don's in Mahtomedi, Coon Rapids, Blaine and Roseville for providing TLC and a safe place for select kitties to be seen and live while they wait. We’re grateful for your on-going support in all ways. 


Who's Got Kittens? We Have!

Kittens are adorable, sweet, balls of fluff. If you aren't able to adopt a kitten, why don't you consider fostering? We have lots of homeless kittens and one of the kindest things you can do for them is become a foster. Providing a foster home for some kittens is the perfect volunteer opportunity. You get all the joy and love from these tiny babies whose only need is a loving foster home to care for them until they get adopted. 

If you would like more information on becoming a foster home, please complete our online Volunteer Application form or contact Amanda at 612-387-4869. You'll be glad you did!
































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