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Welcome to St. Francis of Assisi Animal Rescue!
P.O. Box 256 Forest Lake, MN 55025 (612) 387-4869

Cool Cats

These cool cats are kickin' off summer with their new families. Astrah, Aurora, Celeste, Ellery, Lunah, Marvyn, Miss Nala, Orion, Persimmon & Pomelo, Scout, Smokey the Bear, Spoc, Tardis, Tortellini and Zelda were adopted recently! We wish them all the best!

Check out our other available kitties on our website to make your own match.


A Big Milestone!

After getting 10 too young babies last Wednesday, losing one Thursday due to pneumonia and a heart defect, getting a Calici diagnosis Friday, and a second showing symptoms over the weekend....eating has been tricky. It has been all forms of syringe feeding, eating on their own and everything in the middle. On top of that, they are learning to eat so finding their favorites has been a game. Finally, after a week, the foster mom put plates of food down and all 9 started eating! It doesn’t mean smooth sailing from here on out, but the foster mom's happiness when they all ate this morning was amazing. Way to go, babies and foster family!



Kitten season is in full swing. New intakes from last night: 2 moms with 4 10-day-old kittens each, 1 mom with 3 7-week-old kittens, and 10 orphaned kittens. Thanks to our current volunteers, we could take these cats and kittens in and place them into foster care. To rescue others, we need more available foster homes. Can you help? We can provide the supplies, you would provide TLC, a safe space in your home and transport for medical care at our partnering vet clinic when needed. Learn more and apply on our website. Together we can save more. 



Highlighted Cats
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Hello, I was returned to SFAAR recently after 10 years. I had not been to a veterinarian in years so SFAAR took me in to have a complete work up. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with diabetes, however more about Guindon
Hi, my name is TacoKat. I was returned l with my sister Kitsedilla. I am a purr machine, playful girl that loves to explore. My sister & I are quite bonded & must be adopted together. more about TacoKat










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