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Sharing your home with a cat or kitten is a wonderful experience and can bring you lots of joy. 
If you are willing to make the necessary commitments of time, money, responsibility, and love-for the life of the pet, you are ready to adopt.

Because we want all of our animals to go to a safe, loving, permanent home,  we have some
qualifying conditions. You must:  

*Be at least 21 years old

*Agree that the pet will be an indoor companion only
*Agree that the pet will not be declawed
*Pay the adoption fee by cash (we no longer accept checks)
*Have the landlord’s written consent to own an animal on the property (if applicable)

Before you adopt, you will want to meet and spend some time with the cat you are interested in. If it seems like a good match for you, complete a cat adoption application.
An adoption counselor will then review your application and call you to talk and provide additional information. 

After you adopt, we require you to bring your new pet to your veterinarian for a "Well Check" within 30 days of the adoption date. Although our veterinarian has done a thorough check of the animal, sometimes an illness or ailment will occur between the animal's check up and the time of adoption. Many vets provide a free wellness visit for rescue animals. 

We want to make sure everything goes well after an adoption. A volunteer will contact you several weeks after the adoption to make sure you and your new pet are not having any difficulties.


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